Thursday, 19 November 2015

Get Messy || Season of Magic

I am so into art journaling at the moment.  I am loving the Get Messy community and its camaraderie and I am loving being creative on a daily basis.  A cartoon that Anke shared perfectly sums up how I feel at the moment.  Being creative is so important for me.

So it is the start of the Season of Magic with Get Messy and I am exploring brush lettering. Et voila.
A magical title page.

I am not all about the unicorns and magical forest and fantasy, my idea of magic is on a purely practical level.  Lots of real life things to me are magic and these first two spreads illustrate that.  I am also newly exploring collage and have discovered Mod Podge. I heart Mod Podge.

I love Get Messy!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Get Messy Season of Words

Continuing  with the altered book which I am so enjoying one of the prompts this week was to cut a hole in a page. This is the result.  Eye, eye.

Get Messy - Season of Words - Cover your page with your favourite word

Verisimilitude became my favourite word when I was doing my Art History degree.  Such a long, lovely word meaning the appearance of being true or real, e.g. "the detail gives the novel some verisimilitude"

Whilst I take photos all the time no one takes any photographs of me.  This altered book is going to be fairly narcissistic.  I want to be able to look back and see what I look like, what fashions were in what hair style faux pas I was making, it's interesting. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Get Messy - Season of Words - Bio page

Here is my bio page with a gorgeous little quote courtesy of another Get Messian, Torrie Gass, it was perfect for me. I often wonder why I make things and this seemed an simple explanation.

 I fully painted the right hand page with watercolour and then covered it with glitter glue. Then I pasted some positive quotes on top; Be Happy, Be Amazing. Simple, straight-forward but it works for me.

Get Messy - Season of Words 2

Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd has recently been talking about her spirit animal which prompted me to think about what mine might be,  I dreamt recently that the office had an office donkey.  I love donkeys.  I looked up their characteristics and I can identify with many of them.  I have adopted the donkey as my spirit animal.  I am a BEAST OF BURDEN!!!

Watercolour painting of a donkey's face copied from a photo on google.  Hand lettering on gesso-ed page which list of attributes.

Get messy - Season of Words Prompt 1

The perfect quote courtesy of fellow Get Messian Sharon Nullmeyer, this getting inspired by others is becoming a theme...

The tight hand page was prepared with white gesso, then a little watercolour painting of flowers was done over it and a little bit of pink neon washi put in the top right.
To the left a selfie with the perfect little quote.

'Deep inside she knew who she was, and that person was smart and kind and often even funny. But sometimes her personality always got lost somewhere between her heart and her mouth and she found herself saying the wrong thing, or more often than not nothing at all.' Julie Quinn @nullsie

Get Messy Season of Words

This season is all about WORDS and all the prompts are to be done in our altered books.  I found a Crossword Companion book at work for £1 which I though was very apt for the theme. Here is the book is its unaltered state.

I started to alter the book by tearing out pages, sticking pages together to make them thicker to work on and gessoing a load of pages.  I am so pleased with my book so far and am loving this season's challenge. I am going to decorate the outside at the end of the project.

I decorated the inside front cover with paper I have hoarding for literally years.  One of the prompts gave me permission to use this paper on this project.